The Testimonials

Lizzie -

"It looks so much better. I have tried so many things from the doctor and nothing works but this is 100 times better"

Lizzie had been struggling with Psoriasis on her left arm for a long time, but was yet to find a product that calmed the condition down. After consistent use of our Rebuild Serum over a number of weeks and months, Lizzie has been able to Take Back her Skin. The pictures below highlight the drastic change the serum has had on her arm. Keep it up Lizzie! 


Before using Smibbs Skincare Rebuild Serum After (4 weeks) using Smibbs Skincare Rebuild Serum


"I had almost given up searching for ways to repair my skin, but since using smibbs it is so much easier to manage my skin when it flares up. It acts quickly and the small bottle means I can take it anywhere!"

Ollie had suffered from Eczema more many years since childhood. He was one of our first users and has seen the positive effects of our natural rebuild serum. Ollie now continues to use the serum to manage his eczema.