The Science

Why does over washing damage your skin?


The process of washing raises the skins pH above its usual level. The normal pH of your skin is actually acidic, around 5 in fact. The slightly acidic nature of the skin regulates a beneficial environment for the microflora that live on it and also aids the optimal structure of the skin’s lipid barrier, thus protecting it.


The average pH of water is 7. If you are constantly washing your hands, this process continually raises the skins natural pH above what it should be without letting it return to normal. The skins acid mantle is therefore put out of balance, which makes the skin more prone to infection, drying and conditions like Eczema and Dermatitis.



What can be done to reduce the chance of skin irritation?


Well, the obvious answer would be to not wash your hands so much, but we know that’s not possible in industries that require consistent “wet work”!


There are many moisturisers and creams on the market that act to improve the skin, but many just mask the problem. They do not address the acidic nature of the skin, the importance of using natural ingredients or how sensitive the skin can be when it has been over washed.


Our Rebuild Serum addresses these three issues and acts to absorb fast, so you can carry on at work effectively.


Research conducted in the development of Smibbs Skincare products cites academic sources as a primary basis for product development. Here is a list of academic sources that form the basis of this article:


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